A theory on the new “news agencies”

A reader writes:

Just imagine! Let´s suppose *** news had a close connection with traders. Let´s suppose strategy meetings were held before every economic release. Maybe somebody or someone knew how to or was able to interpret headlines more correctly than all other traders. My idea is that compared to Dow Jones, Reuters or Bloomberg it is relatively easy to co-operate with smaller and not as established news sources… Maybe everything was correct (concerning) timely release: *** News indeed released data on time. But maybe they released data differently than other news sources. Maybe *** News had one line for regular clients and other line for “gold” clients where data was more elementized and datapoints were explained or described more in detail. I am not a programmer or algo trader but it is hard to ignore the recent foray into algorithmic trading by hedge funds. My idea is that by co-operating with (these new) news sources you can influence or even describe how you want to get the news feed delivered to you. And as tailored suits fit perfectly – headlines written only to you fit perfectly into your algorithmic models/boxes. This can give you edge over other traders.

Makes sense to me.

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