By Request: Brookshire Media, DexTV Update

Update: As the commodity business goes, so goes the commodity-owned TV business. DexTV has gone belly up.

A couple of commenters have recently posed questions about the Brookshire Media/ DexTV situation and wondered why I never followed up.

Well, basically, the answer is this: the owner, Brookshire and Company Ltd., whose main business appears to be Brookshire Raw Materials, seemed a whole lot more transparent than Canadian Economic Press (CEP News).

The owner, Brookshire Raw Materials, does commodity-related investment products so it’s understandable that its parent company might have a lot of cash to invest in something like an internet TV operation. Also, if you’re in the potash and pork bellies business, it’s not hard to see why you’d be attracted by industries like publishing and broadcast, which often provide access to the rich, famous and powerful. You know, the whole Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black deal.

What’s more, when I poked around a bit, I found what might be Brookshire’s business model in this press release:

The following companies will be airing on this week.

Airing Date Company

Mon. Dec. 17th, ’07 Essam Zhagloul- Fiber Optic Resources Tues. Dec. 18th, ’07 Robert Eisses- ICRON Technologies Wed. Dec. 19th, ’07 Graham Chisholm- ICS Copper Systems Ltd Fri. Dec. 21st, ’07 Linda Thorstad- Oremex Resources

For Further Information, Contact:

Scott Barber Director of Operations The Richmond Club

300A – 219 Dufferin Street and Liberty, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6K 1Y9

(Update: Because the link is now dead, I am posting what I found in Google’s cache at the bottom of this item)

It almost seemed like a television version of a trade or B2B magazine where companies pay not just for ads but for “editorial” coverage.

A while back, I also watched DexTV a bit and didn’t see anything different from the mainstream networks, right down to the bad pancake make-up. I should probably tune in again.

In the mean time though, it strikes me as a vanity broadcast operation crossed with a trade magazine.
Update: In response to Chris Henry’s comments, I am posting this link to the information above on companies airing on DexTV. Just in case the cache link goes bad, I will post a screen grab when Blogger’s photo upload function starts working again.

Update2: Here’s the screen grab: