4 thoughts on “Madeleine Burns letter in support of Dellen Millard

  1. it is very hard to reconcile the information we hear from his mother and the information we have received through the courts and the media. My heart goes out to her as a mother I cannot imagine how awful it must be to go through this situation. Yet evidence shows what he has said and done that must be judged in our courts. It is a very sad situation all around.


    1. I suppose it must be difficult for someone to accept the fact that she gave birth to one of the most vile human beings ever born into Canadian society, so her massive case of denial is understandable. But if this case weren’t so tragic that letter could serve as a comedy monologue. Or at least an entire course in comedic ridicule could be taught with the letter as the main textbook. There is too much in there for me to address here, though if I had to distill the entire thing down to a single sentence, my takeaway would be: “Dellen doesn’t kill spiders, only people.”

      This woman is so deluded and in denial she obviously does not realize that if anything this letter makes her son look even worse. He had everything going for him, a wonderkid prodigy, except he was an only child and the trauma of being an only child caused him to become a deranged serial killer.

      I also think she might have left out some details in her narrative. For example when she describes Dellen’s birth when she “raised him to the heavens like a scene from the Lion King”, I think she forgot to mention the pentagram that must have been scrawled in menstrual blood on the floor in order to conjure up her vile hellspawn from the firey depths.


  2. Denial is very dangerous and disturbing .
    Protecting insects and animals is all wonderful, yet there is no mention of the brutal murders her son was convicted of. There are families that no longer have their loved ones in their lives. There is no remorse in her letter, just denial.


  3. I stopped at insects. Very telling of your pure ignorance and ever-deep denial, Madeline. Just stop. Realize that Paul Bernardo’s mother probably had the same fond memories of her son. Somewhere along the path, your son morphed into a pure monster. Thankfully, he will never step foot outside of the prison walls again. He does not deserve an ounce of sympathy, not even from you. He has ruined several lives, including yours. Wake up. Justice will be served for all those affected by his shameful existence.


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