New series on a sexual assault trial: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

In 2015, I wrote an eight-part series on a sexual assault trial for the Walrus magazine. It generated so much interest the magazine asked me if I could do another series. I proposed a very different but equally interesting sexual assault case.

The new series, called Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, is now in progress. Here are the links:

Part 1: She says he raped her. He says he never touched her. At least one of them is lying

Part 2: “I was stupid, I was young, I was ignorant—and that’s all I admit”

Part 3: Why can a witness remember many details yet be so vague about the sexual assault itself?

Part 4: The verdict arrives. And so does Marie Henein—best known for representing Jian Ghomeshi

Part 5: Post-verdict

Part 6: The appeal

As of Jan. 27, 2017, I am awaiting a court ruling to see what happens next. Sign up for my newsletter to ensure you don’t miss the appeal decision and the epilogue of Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

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One thought on “New series on a sexual assault trial: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

  1. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt – From what I read, if I were on the jury, I could not vote to convict. The outstanding question for me – why did she go to his bed? it didn’t sound as though he threatened her or forcefully took her to the bed. One idea that was not mentioned -maybe she went to the bed willing and wanted him to use a condom – as she said discovered semen – was afraid of pregnancy with her boyfriend in China and she was only 18 – looked for a story to let her off the the hook of responsibility. She was not pregnant and would not then feel a need to contact the police again. According to the story, it was her boyfriend who wanted to pursue the charge.


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