About those New Year’s Resolutions

January 6th is about the time my New Year’s resolutions start to die. At lunch today, I ate a giant Italian cream puff, or more accurately cream horn, from the new branch of Forno Cultura in First Canadian Place.

You should definitely go there unless you have New Year’s resolutions that would make it a bad idea. The coffee is delicious. They have amazing breads and the mini ricotta turnovers and petits palmiers are a healthier option to the cream horn.

What else? I’m still listening to the audio book of Wolf Hall, and it is fantastic. I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Anne Boleyn. As a kid, I remember watching a PBS series on Henry’s wives and then going to see the movie, Anne of the Thousand Days. Genevieve Bujold and Anne’s tower soliloquy made a big impression on me. (Watch the soliloquy starting at 1:57)

For some reason though, I never researched it until today. I learned the movie was based on a play by a guy called Maxwell Anderson, who seems to have led quite the life. Now, I’m reading all about him.

2 thoughts on “About those New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Note to self….next cold day I’m taking the path and making a pitstop. I sure hope they have breakfast sized cream puffs too.


    1. They have lots of fantastic baked goods. Butter, butter, butter. The coffee is excellent. You will either love me or never forgive me for recommending this place.


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