No, Christina Noudga does not carry a torch for Dellen Millard

Christina Noudga (2015)

Earlier today, I read a comment on Facebook about how Christina Noudga is still carrying a torch for Dellen Millard. (If you don’t know who these people are, I recommend my book, Dark Ambition.)

I don’t understand this type of thinking at all. It seems reductive and sexist. All women can think about is looove type thing.

It also flies in the face of what happened at Millard’s trial. Sure, there were times when Noudga’s evidence played in Millard’s favour, but only when it worked in Noudga’s favour as well. Her infamous blow job testimony is a good example of this. By claiming that Millard seemed sad that night, and that she was in no position to talk because her mouth was full, Noudga bolstered her story that she and Millard didn’t discuss why they were moving giant trailers and livestock incinerators in the middle of the night. That helped both of them.

In contrast, Noudga never had anything helpful to say about Millard that went against her own interests. And she had some pretty damning evidence to give about him when it didn’t hurt her own case.

For example, Noudga said her ex-BF bought the incinerator to burn materials from his aviation company. This did not help Millard, whose stated position at trial was that he was planning on getting into the pet carcass disposal business. If she were truly out to help Millard, the love of her life, she would have told the pet story. She didn’t

Noudga also stated in court that she loathed Millard, and that “he had (her) arrested.” While she couldn’t muster up any remorse or empathy for the Bosma family, it was crystal clear that she felt pretty sorry for herself and was furious about the four months she had spent in jail and the humiliation she had endured after her arrest.

It wasn’t much fun for Noudga to learn about her boyfriend’s infidelities either. She had long been suspicious he was cheating on her, but the evidence at trial confirmed it. Texts showed him arranging dates with his ex-fiancee and flirting with his realtor side chick.

All these things considered, there really are zero grounds for claiming Noudga’s still in love with Millard other than a general belief that women can never let go.


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