Dellen Millard talks guns with Matthew Ward-Jackson

Police found key evidence in the Tim Bosma murder case on the computers seized from Dellen Millard’s Maple Gate home. Among other things, they discovered a series of conversations between Millard and Matthew Ward-Jackson, an alleged drug and gun dealer who went by the name of “Iish,” or “Iisho.” Millard had met Ward-Jackson through Mark Smich, who had gone to Catholic elementary school with him in Mississauga in the 1990s. Ward-Jackson was fond of low-rider cars, Hispanic gangs, and tattoos, which he had all over his body, including on his face. Like Smich, he was an aspiring rapper, most recently using the identity Krucifix14. Many of his friends and hangers-on had no idea what his real name even was.

Matthew Ward-Jackson has been accused of illegal possession of an AK-47
Along with selling guns to Dellen Millard, Matthew Ward-Jackson has been accused of illegal possession of an AK-47

On February 5, 2012, when Ward-Jackson texted Millard asking for Smich’s new phone number, his real name showed up on Millard’s screen. A few days later, when Millard contacted him about buying a gun, he texted, “Jackson? that your last name?”
“Yea,” Ward-Jackson acknowledged, before providing the details of the gun: “Walther pk 9mill tomorow 2200? Proper one.”

Millard asked him if he could come down on the $2,200 price and if it included ammunition.

“Na walther is a really proper wanted one. And yes I can give y grains. I tlked the guy down from 25 cuz I thought ya wouldn’t wanna spend that. I can get him to bring me it now would u like it foreal?”

“Let’s do it,” said Millard. “pick it up tonight?”

“Can u be at my house soon? Lakeshore one?”

“30-40 mins. send me the address, encase I mix up which building.”

Ward-Jackson pushed for the habitually late Millard to be punctual. “5:30 at 2537 lakeshore. 22 cash plz I’m doing ya a big favor trust. I’m not making a penny. My guys comn from niagara so plz be on time. I don’t wanna look stoopid.”

“I’ll be there,” Millard promised.

At 5:50, Ward-Jackson asked Millard if he was close by, to which Millard answered he was. At 6:22, Ward-Jackson texted that the Niagara guy was late but would be at his house in ten minutes.

“K,” answered Millard. “I have till 7.”

“Yea ill be there in a second and ima hop in ya car and im off to niagara ima pay dude myself. So just have it counted I gotta run. And its legit u won’t have problems if u need lessons tomorow I’m free and we can go over every piece ok?”

“it’s counted,” said Millard. “yea going over it tomorrow sometime after 2pm is good.”

Ward-Jackson brought the gun down to Millard’s car at 6:45. A few minutes later, after they had parted company, it dawned on Millard that he had forgotten an important question about the gun and whether it could be traced to any past crimes. “btw is it clean or dirty,” he texted Ward-Jackson.

“Clean,” came the reply.

Read about more meetings between Matthew Ward-Jackson and Dellen Millard in my book, Dark Ambition, due out in November 2016.

Matthew Ward-Jackson is pleading not guilty to the sets of charges still outstanding against him. These include the Millard and  AK-47 matters.

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