Should I get a DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima? Yes

DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima
This is my old faithful. The newer models (click photo to see them) have solved the slight temperature problem and make hotter drinks

My DeLonghi Nespresso machine makes lattes and cappuccinos with the touch of a button. All I have to do is put the capsule in, pour the milk in the milk container and attach it to the machine.

The only complaint I have — and apparently this has been corrected with some of the newer machines — is that the milky drinks are not quite as hot as I would like it. I address this problem by zapping the finished product in the microwave for 20 seconds as I do my easy push button steam cleaning of the milk wand.

Control your ire, coffee purists. I know the mere mention of microwaving coffee has you frothier at the mouth than my morning cappuccino, but if I was going to be purist about this I wouldn’t be using a Nespresso machine in the first place. I would haul out my old stovetop espresso maker and buy a separate milk frother.

Stovetop espresso maker
Stovetop espresso makers make great coffee but cleanup is a major pain in the posterior

The truth is I like the Nespresso convenience and if it means a tiny compromise in quality and paying a slight premium, well, then, that’s a compromise I’m willing to make for the pleasure of having an A- cappuccino at home every morning for far less than I’d pay at a coffee bar.

Check out the Nespresso Lattissimas on Amazon. If you’re in Canada, go here.

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