Jury picking gets underway in Tim Bosma murder trial

Screenshot 2016-01-17 at 9.40.24 PM
Dellen Millard at Toronto West courthouse by Alexandra Newbould

I’m off to Hamilton for the first day of the Tim Bosma murder trial, which starts tomorrow with jury selection. The accused are Dellen Millard and Mark Smich, who are both pleading not guilty.

Millard spent the last two weeks in Toronto court attending the preliminary hearing for the Wayne Millard murder case. Justice Diane Oleskiw will rule on March 4 whether Dellen will stand trial for the first degree murder of his father, Wayne.

If you’re wondering why the press hasn’t mentioned certain issues, I have two words for you — publication ban. The run-up to a trial is always a very sensitive time. However, do remember that publication bans are temporary and will eventually be lifted.

And finally, if you’re like me, you probably shake your head at a lot of courtroom sketches that barely resemble the accused — or anyone else, for that matter. Well, I just discovered a really good sketch artist, Alexandra Newbould. Check out her work, including the Millard sketch above, on Twitter. I shrunk it down to thumbnail size so as not to violate any copyrights. You have to click to see it in its full glory on the artist’s Instagram.

I’m writing a book for Penguin Random House on the murders of Tim Bosma, Laura Babcock and Wayne Millard. If you want to keep up with news of the upcoming Bosma trial and my book, please subscribe to my newsletter:
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6 thoughts on “Jury picking gets underway in Tim Bosma murder trial

  1. Good luck Ann – thanks for keeping us posted. On the sketch artist ,, umm… not getting that same vibe – as youngsters, my sister read Nancy Drew mysteries, me – Hardy Boys – I swear several of those images appeared in many of our books. With that being said, there are a lot of awful sketch artists out there – but these are certainly “less” awful – I think that’s a compliment …???


  2. Umm what is growing out of Millard’s chin in that sketch?? Either he’s being attacked by a turd or he has a very long weird looking braided beard.


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