Jay’s and Jenn’s police statements suggest Mr. S might be more than a Serial red herring

Until I read Jay’s statements to the police, I was pretty convinced that Mr. S was a red herring. But no more.

Both Jay and Jenn say the reason they confessed is that they didn’t want an innocent man — that would be Mr. S — to go down for murder.

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But that’s hard to fathom even if you believe, as I do, that, despite its inconsistencies, Jay’s story is overall credible.

Until the body is discovered, Jay and Jenn have not exactly shown themselves to care much about Hae’s murder let alone justice and right and wrong. Jay continued to hang out with Adnan after he killed Hae. And Jenn watches reports about Hae’s death on TV and does nothing. Remorse is missing in action.

So why do the two of them care so much about Mr. S? And why do they care before he’s even been charged?

My theory is that Mr. S has to be tied in some way to Jay or Jenn and possibly Neighbour Boy or even Stephanie. Somehow Mr. S heard about the murder and went to the grave site to see if the talk was true. This explains how he found a body, that we have been told was so well concealed even the surveyor, who had been informed of its exact whereabouts, could barely spot it. Someone who knew about the grave had to have told Mr. S exactly where it was.

Mr. S then did the right thing and reported it, causing Jay to panic when he learns this fact, very possibly, from Jenn, who has a number of inside police connections which are never fully explained (see below). Depending on how much Mr. S knows and reveals, it could be far bigger trouble for Jay than just accessory to murder. Perhaps Jay had even told Mr. S (or told someone else who passed the information on to Mr. S) that he had a bigger role in Hae’s murder than just helping with her burial.

At this point, Jay realized that if he didn’t step in, the whole, entire story would come out as opposed to just his sanitized version of events. Jay could even go down for murder while Adnan went free. This is why Jay decides to go to the cops. It’s almost certainly not out of any sense of justice. He’s likely very scared of what Mr. S might say and where it could all lead.

If — and big if here — this theory is correct, it leaves the following  questions. Did the cops know about Jay’s Mr. S connection? If they did, why did they let Jay take a plea, instead of, possibly, getting Mr. S to send both Jay and Adnan down for murder? How come, if there is a Mr. S connection, beyond finding the body, the cops stopped pursuing it? Why do they never appear to follow up on Jenn’s multitude of police contacts leaking what should be confidential information about the investigation?

The producers of Serial have said that they believe they know more than the defence knew about the investigation at the time of the trial, and that they may now have more information than the prosecution had. Could this knowledge be that Mr. S had more to do with the case? If my theory is correct, it also explains why Jenn’s full name is used. Maybe after all these years, she just decided to tell the whole truth and she’s ready to live with it.

Standard Disclaimer: This theory could be totally 100% wrong.

For a regular gal, Jenn has a hell of a lot of inside connections

Asked if she had ever made anonymous calls to the police about Hae’s death Jenn says on page 29:

No I thought about it but I never did ’cause I have friends that work at Woodlawn Precinct and I know a couple detectives there and a couple of officers but I didn’t, I told um, what I did is probably about two weeks after the information I told my friend that I knew about um this, I knew that this girl was killed.

McGillivary later asks Jenn about having discussed Hae’s death with someone named Josh. She says on page 31:

Yeah Josh, his name’s Josh, ’cause the minute they found her body um the day that, what I had heard was that that found a foot in Leakin Park. somebody had found a foot sticking up out of the ground in Leakin Park um and I you know, I didn’t even think that it was Hae’s body at all. I mean dead bodies always get dumped in Leakin Park but you hear about it all the time. Um so I happened to mention something to (name redacted). We were in her car and Josh was in the car. Josh is (name redacted)’s boyfriend. He oh and he and I said to (name redacted), I said,”yo, did you hear anything about that body” and um he’s like um, she was like, she’s like “yeah my mom found a body at the gate this morning when she unlocked it.” Her mom works at inaudible. It’s in Leakin Park. And I said to (name redacted) I was like, I was like “you know what else.” And I don’t know whether (name redacted) or Josh had mentioned that the bod was strangled. Um and I was like if it was strangled I was like I bet you it was her body. I bet you they found Hae. And that’s all I said so I guess at that point then, Josh and his friend Mark who was in the car as well inaudible.

When she is asked by the cops what she and Jay did once they learned Hae’s body had been discovered, Jenn says on page 39:

Um maybe we talked about it but we still, we still decided that not to talk or say anything to the the police yet but then like I was at work one day and um I was talking to this lady named Lisa XXXXXXX. I think is her last name, and I know her husband works for Baltimore City Police, I believe his name is Chris, and I believe Lisa, like Lisa had asked me um did I know anything about the murder, she just asked me if I knew Hae from Woodlawn ’cause they all knew that I inaudible and I was like “yeah I know here” and um and she had mentioned something to me about um there being a possible suspect um a person that found the body in the park and then I remember that and I remember going to Jay and saying “hey yo, they think they got a suspect for Hae’s um murder and they think it’s the person that found the body because apparently the body was found, this is what I got from Lisa, that the body was found so off in the park that why would anyone be back there, so that the original suspect was a person and when I told Jay that Jay was concerned. He was like “yo, that’s no good.” He’s like “we can’t let the wrong person go down for this” and I was like “alright” and then that was I mean that was pretty much ah at that point. It was like then I was to a point that when I knew there was a different suspect that might be going down for this I was thinking now I’m ready, theat’s when I told my mom um and that’s when I was well maybe I should see if I can call into Detective Dawn in Woodlawn and maybe talk to her and see how I can, let her know what I have to know and not go through any of this.

Had you done that?

No I did not do that because I was still thinking just keep your mouth shut because that’s what Jay asked you to do, you’re Jay’s friend and then I felt like this was a point like now I had started feeling bad again cause I felt bad for Hae’s family like I think that would be horrible for ’cause I know if I had inaudible if I did. You know like inaudible like they hadn’t, I mean they had no idea as who had done this to them and I was like well maybe now since I know as a law biding citizen I should go and tell then what I know, but I didn’t.







3 thoughts on “Jay’s and Jenn’s police statements suggest Mr. S might be more than a Serial red herring

  1. Possibly the best thing i’ve read on serial, and one of the few opinions on the case that actually makes sense. I.e., jenn is the new jay.


  2. When Jenn was first introduced I felt like something was off. I couldn’t put my finger on it; still can’t. I’m listening to the season for the second time, and that feeling is stronger. Her interviews sound extremely rehearsed – even with all the uhs and ums. There is just something so weird here. I am definitely starting to feel like Jenn was somehow involved.

    I can’t stop thinking about them dumping Jay’s clothes. If all he did was dig, then the only thing that should be on your clothes is dirt, which can be washed away. Why not just throw that stuff in the wash? Why dump it? Why go out in an ice storm that was so severe that a state of emergency declared? Why did Jay get rid of the shovels if he’s innocent? Why was that his job? Ugh. So many questions!


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