Tim Bosma Direct Indictment: An Update, plus new Jeffrey Boucher ebook

July 16 Update: Late last night the Star reported that there will be a direct indictment for Dellen Millard and Mark Smich and (some of) the details will be addressed in a court appearance in Hamilton this coming Friday.


I’ve received a few questions from readers lately about the direct indictment in the Tim Bosma murder case. This story in The Mississauga News — reporting that the attorney general would make a decision by June 30 on whether the accused murderers, Dellen Millard and Mark Smich, would go straight to trial — had a lot of people waiting expectantly for answers. But then June 30 came and went, and there was nothing. And now it’s July 15 and no one is yet any the wiser.

Well, here’s the thing — all the information about the direct indictment has come from leaks. The Attorney General has said nothing, zip, nada on the subject. The AG never said publicly, “We’ll have a decision for you June 30.” They’ve never even said that the Crown has requested to proceed by direct indictment.

The initial report on direct indictment came from a reporter and columnist at the Hamilton Spectator with excellent sources. I have no reason to doubt that it was completely correct. The article with the June 30 date came from a reporter I don’t know, who has since removed his tweet on the subject, and who appears not to have had a very reliable source.

I’m also not optimistic that a direct indictment will speed the process up very much. I’ll be surprised if a trial date is set before 2015, which means that even with a supposedly “fast tracked” trial, it will take about two years before everyone gets their day in court. That’s just ridiculous, in my opinion, but such is the sorry state of the Ontario justice system, which desperately needs an overhaul.

The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Boucher by Ann Brocklehurst
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On another subject, I have just published a short ebook called, in a very self explanatory way, The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Boucher. This was a case that had major media coverage at the beginning and then just slipped off the news agenda. The public was left hanging about what actually happened. My ebook, which is about the length of a long magazine article, attempts to provide some answers.

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4 thoughts on “Tim Bosma Direct Indictment: An Update, plus new Jeffrey Boucher ebook

  1. It will be a good thing when finally things start moving ahead and the poor families can begin a process of moving on because as it is right now everyone must be at a very frustrating and painful stalemate ! I know what I think – and so do you. But it is not proof, it is just a feeling. Am glad, more like relieved that the death of Wayne is being looked at as something other than suicide. That just did sit right with me as soon as I learned of his death -:( And is there some connection also with the Jeffrey Boucher case ?


  2. Justice system lives on crime, the bad guys are clients with out them the pompous holy than thou lawyers and judges would be unemployed.

    The more built in inefficiencies and deliberate delays the more secure they are
    financially, like bureaucrats that purposely fumble the file, the more you go back and forth on one file the more secure your job is.

    The smug behavior of the system is criminal in itself both justice and government
    amounting to torturing the people, abusing the power and ethically and morally disgusting.

    This Millard case is a prime example of deliberate incompetence on behalf of the
    total justice system from the Cops up to the real Robers.


  3. Such a shame that you had the need to make money off of writing about this tragedy. Why don’t you try donating the proceeds to the family?


    1. I’m always struck by how people who make this and other similar comments have not really thought the whole issue through.

      Should no one write about crime or just not me?

      What about newspapers and Tv stations covering this story? Should they donate a portion of their daily revenues to the family?

      Does this principle apply just to murder or to war as well? Should no one ever earn a living writing about bad things? Must the nasty topics be covered only by volunteers or journalists willing to take a vow of poverty?


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