The disappearance of Jeffrey Boucher: Was it suicide or foul play?

The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Boucher by Ann Brocklehurst
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Update: I have just published a short ebook called, in a very self explanatory way, The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Boucher. This was a case that had major media coverage at the beginning and then just slipped off the news agenda. The public was left hanging about what actually happened. My ebook, which is the length of a long magazine article, attempts to provide some answers.

Buy The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Boucher on Amazon (or read free sample)

May 26: I haven’t written anything about the Jeffrey Boucher case since his body was discovered on the shores of Lake Ontario on March 29th, two and half months after he disappeared.

Before this discovery, I had thought there were four possible scenarios that could explain what happened to the 52-year-old Whitby father and teacher. These were:

  1. Accident
  2. Suicide
  3. Walk away
  4. Foul play

Clearly the discovery of the body means the third scenario, walk away, is out. And the fact that the body was found naked more than eight kilometres from Boucher’s suburban home makes it next to impossible for me to believe that this was just an accidental death. Boucher’s wife Kirsten says, as far as she knows, he never ran to the lake in the morning before school. What’s more, he had just been for a two-hour run ending at 10:30-ish the night before after a weekend of skiing.

Given all this, it’s hard to imagine any situation in which Boucher would have headed out for a 16K Monday morning romp to start the work week. Not to mention that his wife and daughter had been alarmed enough about his extended Sunday night absence that the daughter had taken the family van out looking for him and tweeted that he was missing.

To accept that he died by accident, you have to overlook the odd Sunday night goings-ons, think an anomalous 16K pre-dawn run to Lake Ontario ending in a sprint down an icy pier makes sense, clarify why Boucher’s body was found naked, and explain why a former lifeguard in superb shape couldn’t make his way to shore.

For me, that leaves two possibilities now remaining:

  1. Suicide
  2. Foul

Read more in The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Boucher

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