There was ‘something off’ about alleged murderer Mark Smich

Accused killer Mark Smich gave off a bad vibe while selling cigarettes to underage students at Oakville high schools, according to one of his former customers.

“There was something off, something strange about him,” said the young man, whose name cannot be printed due to a publication ban covering all evidence relating to the trial of Mark Smich and his co-accused, Dellen Millard, for the first degree murder of Laura Babcock.

Smich’s former customer told police, who questioned him on a number of occasions, that he didn’t know his former cigarette supplier well. “I was not afraid, but not 100 percent comfortable” around him, he said.

Both Smich and Millard are pleading not guilty to all murder charges against them.

8 thoughts on “There was ‘something off’ about alleged murderer Mark Smich

  1. What was the point of this article, this whole thing is off. I find it to be useless information. But that is my opinion.


    1. It’s not really an article, just a short blog post.

      The point was twofold.

      First, I’m often told that there’s not enough coverage of Smich, which is true, so I’m printing some, scanty as it is. I wish I had more info, but I don’t. I found this fact interesting because up until now those in Smich’s circle who have spoken to the media have gone out of their way to say he was such a nice guy. This young man has a contrasting point of view.

      Second, when I provide tidbits of information on my website, it sometimes leads to people coming forward and giving me more. I really like when that happens.


  2. They are both innocent. Like D P in the beginning said. There’s much more to the story. You will all be astonished but understanding. I wouldn’t want the threat of my loved ones being murdered either. Step outside of your mistaken beliefs


    1. Actually, DP didn’t say they were both innocent. He said his client was innocent and that more would come out when further arrests were made. And then further arrests were made and DP didn’t provide any more information.


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