The mysterious disappearance of Jeffrey Boucher

The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Boucher by Ann Brocklehurst
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Update: I have just published a short ebook called, in a very self explanatory way, The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Boucher. This was a case that had major media coverage at the beginning and then just slipped off the news agenda. The public was left hanging about what actually happened. My ebook, which is the length of a long magazine article, attempts to provide some answers.

Buy The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Boucher on Amazon (or read free sample)

March 14: I have spent part of this week talking to people about the strange case of Jeffrey Boucher. Like many observers, I found the original reactions of Boucher’s wife and younger daughter to his disappearance very strange, but I also understand that in such an extreme situation, there is no one correct way to react. Shock can explain a lot. Odd reactions don’t equal guilt. They are just a jumping-off point to ask questions.

That’s why I am fascinated by the presence of Kirsten Boucher on the Websleuths forums where she posts as Mommybear and deals head on with people asking her all sorts of awkward, bizarre and sometimes cruel questions about the case of her missing husband.

She is so open and willing to engage that I phoned her up and asked her some questions of my own. I hope to soon write a story in which I will share the answers I received with readers, but for now I am still in the research stage and need some more information.

I would love to hear from people who knew Jeffrey Boucher and who have those little stories to tell that give insights into a person’s character.

As always, you can reach me at or via Facebook if you prefer.

Update: A shoe that police believe belongs to Jeffrey Boucher was found a few hours after my original post. I modified it for this and other reasons.

8 thoughts on “The mysterious disappearance of Jeffrey Boucher

    1. This is bizarre indeed. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist but maybe someone is trying to set her up.

      Updated: Ok, back in the cool, clear light of day with some non-conspiratorial thoughts. Coincidences happen, and you see all the coincidences you usually overlook when you put everything under a microscope and analyze all the details you normally wouldn’t.

      Also, don’t people often find shoes? It never struck me as weird or outlandish to suggest a shoe might be found separately from a body, especially when there’s water involved.


      1. My life revolves Around swimming, teaching, rescues, and unfortunately water deaths in muskoka. from experience I know a bloater services 3-4 days post death, shoes fall off and are usually recovered 1-11/2 miles away, with Lake Ontario it would have been east. Funny how the police and investigators where so sure he was in the water. The even used Toronto’s equipment to search.
        They had the dogs down by hadenshore after many days up on Whitburn. There is no way the dogs could not smell him a mere 15-20 feet further, even if he was partially eaten (and frozen)by coyotes, which is why Kirsten had to identify him by his wedding ring.
        Nothing in this case makes sense to me.
        They knew the lake was one of his routes, why wait 5 days till searching?
        And now that jefferies body is found, still with non of the pieces fitting – police say ‘case closed’. No…I don’t buy it.


      2. Interesting. Thanks for your perspective. You hear so many contradictory things about drowning people. That their shoes come off, that their shoes don’t come off, that their clothes stay on, that their clothes don’t stay on, etc. From what I can tell, it’s a pretty inexact science.

        In any case, Boucher’s wife says he didn’t run at the lake. (See ) and that they searched there on the recommendation of a forensic psychologist.

        I’m pretty convinced he committed suicide.


      3. Yes… but at that point she would not of known water was involved – unless of course…. she was involved.


      4. Thanks for your comments, but you can’t just go around accusing people of murder, which is why I couldn’t post the comment you made yesterday. It’s defamatory and you risk getting yourself sued and me too — and neither of us wants that.

        The last time I spoke to the police, which was at the end of June, they said they had no reason to suspect foul play. They weren’t lying and there’s no “Mister Big” situation happening here. NO ONE IN THE BOUCHER FAMILY IS A SUSPECT.It really is that simple.

        Kirsten Boucher did not know “water was involved.” I don’t know where you’re getting this from.

        The lake was originally searched on the recommendation of a forensic psychologist, whose insights, as it turned out, were pretty spot on.


      5. Oh the drama .. save it for the front page … no one is suing anyone .. do your research … I’ve done mine and I stand by my opinions/comments (I specifically stated IMO) – and thank you for yours (although I find you rather abrasive at times – maybe it comes with the territory) . The last we heard on WS from Mrs. B. – there was a discrepancy in the autopsy / toxicology report (her words not mine) and COD has still not been reported. Sorry, until COD is verified by DRPS I won’t be taking anyone’s word for it – including yours.

        Also, I know you have an inkling of doubt or you would not still be following up on our comments here – you would pull the thread down claiming “case closed”. Your position on suicide (in my IMO) is a front to sway Mrs. B. (if she’s reading this) into cuddling up in your corner so you can obtain an “inside” view from her (smart really) when the time comes – lets face it, if I’m right it will make for increased readership & recognition for you and your rag(s) – and I certainly can’t fault you for just doing your job.

        I believe we’re done here – please remove me from your (e)mailing list(s)

        All the best dear Ann.

        Good day.


      6. I do have an inkling of doubt. And I also have a rather neat foul play theory that explains everything including motive. The problem is there’s not one shred of evidence to back it up.

        Just like the police and unlike some web sleuthers, we reporters have to take our theories out in the real world and test them because we need facts. So, yes, if someone came forth with evidence as opposed to rumours, I would be happy to change my mind.

        In the meantime, I’m satisfied that suicide explains pretty much everything that happened.

        What I continue to be curious about is why so many people seem to reject this explanation. Perhaps you will forgive my occasional abrasiveness and take a minute or two to explain.


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