Mostly about X

I’ve made a vow to start updating this section every week.

Despite being busy with some other projects, I continue to follow the various Dellen Millard stories. I’ve been commissioned to write a piece on how Toronto police handled their investigations into the disappearance of Laura Babcock and Wayne Millard’s sudden death, but things have been dragging on and on due mostly to the Freedom of Information requests I made being overdue. The last one, however, should be coming in soon and, after it arrives, the process should speed up.

I also became aware late last year that someone who has commented on this website and others, staunchly defending Millard’s innocence, is a close friend of his mother, Madeleine Burns. This person X has been quite indiscreet and revealed information not known to the public about Millard’s various real estate deals as well as details about his ex-fiancee. She is hugely emotional and to cover her online tracks has even claimed, somewhat implausibly due to her writing style, to be a young man.

What’s most interesting about X, however, is that she provides insights into possible defence tactics for Millard, who has pleaded not guilty and convinced his mother that he is innocent. Like Millard’s lawyer, who has hinted at a larger unknown story yet to come out, X also espouses frame-up theories. She has  suggested that the phone used to set up the test drives belonged to Mark Smich, not Dellen Millard, and that Smich is the mastermind who might have had links to organized crime.

X is also extremely agitated that the police no longer appear to be looking for a third suspect likely because she considers this key to the frame-up theory. And she is quite compulsive about portraying Millard as a clever and successful business person. To admit to any severe personality flaws on his part would mean that X would have to question her own abilities as a judge of character, which, despite her professional training, have failed her in a very big way on several occasions.

Finally, just to make it perfectly clear, although Dellen Millard and Mark Smich have been charged with the first degree murder of Tim Bosma,  they are both pleading not-guilty and none of the allegations against them have been proven in court.  Their case will likely not got to trial until early 2015.

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