Dellen Millard and ex-fiancée: engagement photos

In the spring  of 2011, Dellen Millard arranged for engagement photos to be taken of himself and his fiancee at the Millardair hangar at Pearson airport. The concept for the shoot, the props and the location were all Millard’s choosing. He even used a giant carving knife to hack up his jeans and get the “ripped look” just right. But by the time, Millard — now accused of the murder of Tim Bosma — went to pick up the photos a few weeks later, the wedding had been called off.

Dellen Millard and his fiancee were set up by their mothers. They lived together briefly in a house in Oakville in her name. She left the country in the summer of 2013.

The photos can be seen here.

You can read more about Dellen Millard, his broken engagement, and Christina Noudga, the woman who replaced his fiancee, in the book, Dark Ambition: The Shocking Crime of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich.

Dark Ambition is for sale online at McNally Robinson, Chapters/Indigo, and Or you can pick it up in your local indie bookstore, Chapters, Indigo, Coles — and at Costco.

7 thoughts on “Dellen Millard and ex-fiancée: engagement photos

  1. I am re-visiting these engagement photos Ann …. and I think the whole thing has the “Aroma of Dellen” about it …. it is his setup … his hangar …. his cars …. his jeep … his aircraft … and (to me) the young lady is just another one of “his props” for the photo shoot ….. she almost looks like a reluctant participant.

    I have always felt that engagement announcements , and even weddings for that matter , are mostly focused on the girl ….. flowers and diamonds and gowns and frilly things and pictures in park like settings …. I dont see any of that here.

    Did you get the same impression Ann ? …. you girls know everything (smile) so I thought I would ask


    1. Well, there is a subset of men who are interested in things like china patterns and engagement pics. I guess Dellen Millard is in it.

      Based on my research, he fancied himself an artist, or pehaps more accurately an artsy type, although he never seems to have had any success with his film, photography and video game projects.

      He made all the arrangements for this photo shoot including carving up his jeans so the rips would be just right.

      And, yes, I do agree with you. Not much chemistry in these photos.


  2. So was the break up of this relationship a trigger in DM’s life? It seems to me the crazy reckless life started after this timeframe?


    1. It certainly looks like it could have been.

      It seems there was a lot of pressure on Millard being applied by his parents.

      First, they moved to set up the new Millardair business despite the fact they knew their son wasn’t particularly interested in aviation.

      And then his mother set about finding him the right girl. Remember, he was only 25 at the time of his engagement, which is quite young.

      All this to say, I think the parents were concerned and trying to help him because they knew he had problems.


    1. A “no contact” list is a list of people with whom the accused is ordered to have no contact. Usually these people will be witnesses at the trial.

      Since there is a publication ban on the court proceedings, the names of the people on the list cannot be published although the list is available to the public through the courts.


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