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The dog ate this week’s agenda and last. But it wasn’t very tasty. I’ve been busy with some pretty routine contract work.

There are a few updates on the linked Dellen Millard investigations, however. An alert reader kindly pointed out to me that the Toronto Star recently reported on how “a ‘208’ contact card during a traffic stop led police to accused murderer Dellen Millard.” This jibes with information I received that MIllard had been stopped on a traffic violation before Tim Bosma’s disappearance and murder. The cop made a note of his tattoo and this was then used to identify him after the test drive witness described the tattoo. It’s not clear whether the tattoo information was in a database or the cop’s memory.

I also found out through a Freedom of Information request that Dellen Millard was present at a fatal accident at the Brantford airport in 2005. The accident investigation report was supposed to have the names of all three workers present — MIllard, the deceased and another man — redacted, but whoever did the redacting was sloppy and left both Millard’s name and his mother’s visible.

I’m still waiting for the OPP’s report on the accident, which I hope will provide the name of the worker who died and, possibly, the third man. If you know anything about this accident please contact me at


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  1. Hi Ann do you have any information on why they would be at the Brantford airport and why it would have his mothers name on the report? I was wondering if he actual had a job at one time


    1. Carl Millard kept planes in Brantford and Picton for years. The mother’s name is on the report because she apparently sat in on at least one meeting with the Ministry of Labour. One person has already mentioned to me they find this quite unusual. I plan on looking into it.


      1. if the MOL was involved it would have been work related so why was his mother and him involved. Was this an accident involving MillardAir? If so she might have been at the meeting as a company rep of the HS board. What do you know about the accident without the MOL report.? Has anyone contacted you who has details?


      2. I have the MOL report, which mentions the meeting with MB. There is also an OPP report, which I’m still waiting for.

        Dellen Millard and two others, including the man who died, were working for Millardair and were at the accident scene.

        I originally learned about this accident from people who remember it and were struck by the fact it tied Dellen to yet another death.

        I wish to be clear, however, that DM was not held responsible in any way. according to the report, he was a witness to the death of a man who fell and later died of head injuries.

        The victim’s family contacted police after the Bosma murder.


      3. I got the Ministry of Labour report but am still waiting for the OPP one. Based on the Ministry of Labour info, I was able to find and talk to the family of the victim. They had contacted police after Tim Bosma’s murder and also taken steps to get the MOL report.

        The report states that Millard was witness to a fatal fall from scaffolding. He was not investigated for any wrongdoing. There is, however, some contradictory information floating around that I hope (probably too optimistically) will be cleared up by the OPP report.


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