Is Amazon Prime worth it in Canada?

Amazon Prime Canada
Plus, they will deliver your order anywhere in Canada for free!

It’s true. The Canadian version of Amazon Prime is nowhere near as good as the U.S. one, but it’s still well worth it.

We just have to accept the fact that as Canadians we can’t swap Kindle books at the U.S. library or stream Amazon shows or get all the wonderful products Americans can. C’est la vie.

Once you’ve processed this and moved on to a less bitter place, you’ll see that even without all the south-of-the-border Prime benefits, $79 per year is a small price to pay for Amazon Canada Prime, especially with its brand new grocery store.

The biggest benefit of Prime is the free shipping with no minimum order size. I can have my $5 julienne vegetable peeler and $16 K-cups delivered to me for no extra charge. Or I can send stuff to someone else as a gift — again, with no shipping charges. And though Prime guarantees only two-day shipping, in practice most stuff arrives the very next day.

One word of advice — do look for the prime logo to make sure everything you buy is Prime eligible or you may find yourself dinged with shipping fees, which defeats the whole purpose of Prime, which is, of course, no shipping fees.

If you’re not sure you’d order enough online to justify the annual fee, just take the one-month free trial and decide for yourself.

Oh and if you find some good bargains and want to recommend them, please add a comment below.

I just bought these K-cups for myself along with another order for the kids at college.

Sign up for free Amazon Canada Prime trial month

Update: Well, after, I wrote this my K-cups did not arrive on time, which was supposed to be Friday. As of now, it’s Monday and I’m still waiting. This is the first time since February that Amazon Prime has let me down.

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