This week, tell me what you really think

There are some interesting comments on my post, The journalist and the (accused) murderer, his mother and his ex. I hope the discussion will continue throughout the week.

Here’s part of what Ernest said:

It seems as though you punish the people who don’t cooperate with you. You wrote a whole post about ‘Josie’ that provided zero information. Why? Because she wouldn’t respond to your request to do so? Is she obligated to? Does she really need to make a statement as you suggest, simply because Millard was an ex-boyfriend?

And here’s part of my response:

Of course Josie is not obliged to speak to me. But because she chooses not to speak doesn’t mean I have some kind of obligation not to write about her … While you see my actions in this case as punishing someone who won’t cooperate, I see it as failing to reach an agreement and both parties going their separate ways.

Please check out the discussion and feel free to tell me what you really think as well.

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