Dellen Millard made eBay purchases from U.S. holster firm

An eBay profile of Dellen Millard, the accused murderer of Tim Bosma, shows purchases from a number of sellers including Barsony Holsters and Belts in Hillsboro, Oregon. According to the seller’s feedback, items purchased by profile user dellmillard include the Barsony Brown Leather Concealment Shoulder Holster Walther PP PPK PPKS 380 22 32 and the Barsony IWB Concealment Holster for S&W Bodyguard .380.

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 9.47.20 AM
Barsony sells both holsters and belts

Further buyer and seller feedback shows that Millard’s other purchases included model cars and planes, jewelry, a multi-region DVD player, a Parkour iPhone case and bathroom faucets.

6 thoughts on “Dellen Millard made eBay purchases from U.S. holster firm

  1. Excellent AB …. I had gone thru most of DM ebay purchases and did not catch the holster description …. what I found strange were so many purchases seemed “girly” to me and wondered if it was actually “our” DM

    I have found other sites with username spelled delmillard but no activity (only registered)



  2. Should also mention WM and CM have at least three US Patent office filings (inventions) …. mostly aviation instrumentation (acceleration rates on takeoff etc) ….. main thing that stood out for me was it was computer based (well before computers were commonplace) … indicated some fairly high intelligence in electronics in early days (probably WM)


    1. Thanks, Arnie. I’ve seen those patents. Strange about the computer expertise given WM didn’t have a computer at his house in the early 2000s and CM rejected them altogether. Yet another mystery….


  3. How are you 100% sure this is Dellen Millard E-bay account as there are many names out there like his and uses the alias dellmillard? as shown by LE in the past making a mistake posting information like this in unconditional of civil his rights


  4. Both of the firearms that those holsters are designed for are Prohibited in Canada. There are exceptions…..Individuals are allowed to possess certain prohibited firearms if they had one registered in their name when it became prohibited, and they have continuously held a valid registration certificate for that type of prohibited firearm from December 1, 1998, onward.

    The question is whether he actually has the prohibited firearms and then if he has the documentation to support that.


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