Authenticating the Dellen Millard “Jailhouse Letter”

Update: A full version of the letter is posted here.

The Dellen Millard “jailhouse letter” was originally posted on Facebook before the Canada Day long weekend. It was allegedly written by accused murderer Millard to an admirer.

Facebook friends of the letter recipient say she was so proud to receive it that she showed off electronic copies that were then passed on to far more people than she had originally intended. One Facebook friend described the recipient as being like a child who had just gotten a letter from Santa Claus.

A group of people who worked with Millard are convinced the letter is real. They say the handwriting, the doodles and the thought processes are completely in keeping with Millard’s character. They did not, however, have a sample of his handwriting.

Another businessman who dealt with Millard did have handwriting samples. Although he did not want to be named, he wrote in an email, “Upon my comparative review of the letter you provided to me, in your email, it does however suggest, that it it is an exact match to Dellen’s hand writing, in my opinion.”

A criminal profiler with years of police experience in this field said that, based on the content, there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the letter.

Millard’s lawyer Deepak Paradkar has so far not responded to e-mail and phone requests for comment emailed me shortly after this post went up. He wrote: “I am not familiar with this letter and cannot authenticate it. I therefore have no comment on it.” (I forwarded him a copy of the letter and he said he will have a look at it when he gets out of court.)

I have also verified the identity of the recipient of the letter who has declined to talk about it. She is a 31-year-old Kitchener resident who used a pseudonym on Facebook.

I plan to write a full article on this letter shortly. If you have information from credible named sources, I would be happy to talk to them.

If you have questions please post a comment. I prefer to discuss this on my personal site so that I can ensure no defamatory comments are published.

The letter can be viewed in Facebook groups discussing the Tim Bosma murder.

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