Globe has new info on Dellen MIllard’s incinerator and more

Things I learned from today’s Globe and Mail article about the investigation into Tim Bosma’s murder:

  1. An employee of Millardair handled the purchase of Dellen Millard’s incinerator around July of last year and said it would be used to dispose of dead farm animals. “Since police seized the incinerator from Mr. Millard’s farm, investigators have been in regular contact with both (the Manitoba-based distributor) and SuperNova Manufacturing in Georgia. Tim Cook, a manager there, said police asked ‘how it operates and how long it takes for cremation and things like that.’”
  2. Dellen Millard “studied 3D games animation at Humber College in 2002 but was once ‘caught red-handed’ plagiarizing the work of his classmates, according to a source at the college.”
  3. “After starting a 500-mile off-road race on Mexico’s Baja peninsula two years ago, (Dellen Millard) and his friend pulled their yellow Jeep TJ out of the race at the sixth mile, a competitor said.”

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