RTT News, NTKN and Bond Buyer booted out of Department of Labor lock-ups

Here are the news organizations that have been officially credentialed for Department of Labor lock-ups, effective July 6, 2012:

  1. Agence France-Presse
  2. Associated Press
  3. Bloomberg News
  4. Bloomberg Television
  5. CNBC
  6. CNN
  7. Dow Jones Newswires
  8. Fox Business Network
  9. Jiji Press
  10. Kyodo News
  11. Market News International
  12. MarketWatch
  13. The Nikkei
  14. Thomson Reuters
  15. Tribune Company

This is the old Department of Labor lockup list:

  1. Associated Press
  2. Bond Buyer
  3. Bloomberg
  4. Bloomberg TV
  5. CNBC
  6. CNN
  7. Dow Jones
  8. Fox Business
  9. Jiji Press Agency
  10. Kyodo News
  11. Market News
  12. MarketWatch News
  13. Need to Know News
  14. Nikkei News
  15. Reuters
  16. RTT News (replaced Potomac Radio last summer)
  17. Thomson Financial

So who got booted?

  1. Bond Buyer
  2. Bloomberg TV (but presumably it’s rolled into Bloomberg)
  3. Need to Know News
  4. RTT News
It’s no surprise that the strange news agencies, Need to Know News (tied to JED Capital) and RTT News, were kicked out. What’s truly surprising is that  NTKN survived this long and that the DOL granted RTT News access less than a year ago.
I’m not quite sure why the Bond Buyer got kicked out as I’ve never really looked into it.

And who got added?

  1. Agence France Presse
  2. Tribune Company

Makes sense to me.

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