Data Dump: Searches for Vigilant Global (Formerly Vigilant Futures)

Before Vigilant Futures changed its name to Vigilant Global, my site used to show up at the top of the Google search results for the secretive Montreal proprietary trading firm. People came here to learn more about why Vigilant Futures had funded CEP News, a short-lived and questionable news agency that came into existence during 2007 and died in the spring of 2009. Although CEP News tried to keep its backers private, the information that Vigilant Futures and its employee Marco Gomez were behind it was revealed on

Below you will find searches on this site related to Vigilant Global (formerly Vigilant Futures).

Vigilant Global (Formerly Vigilant Futures) Searches on AnnBrocklehurst

Since CEP News folded almost two years ago, its former Marketing Director Paula Midena has moved on to a similar position at RTTNews, a news agency which has much in common with CEP. As of March 9, 2012, Midena said she was still working with RTTNews although she had removed that information from her LinkedIn profile.

Vigilant Futures directors Arvind Ramanathan and Josh Felker also took down their LinkedIn profiles over the course of 2011.

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