Comedies available on Rogers on Demand

This list of the comedies you can watch on Rogers on Demand is not yet complete. Please leave a comment if you see anything that’s not correct.

17 Again

Cast: Zac Efron, Matthew Perry, Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, Tyler Steelman, Alison Miller, Michelle Trachtenberg, Sterling Knight, Adam Gregory, Hunter Parrish, Mario Cassem

Plot Outline: What would you do if you got a second shot at life? Class of 1989, Mike O’Donnell is a star on his high school basketball court with a college scout in the stands and a bright future in his grasp. But instead, he decides to throw it all away to share his life with his girlfriend Scarlett and the baby he just learned they are expecting. Almost 20 years later, Mike’s glory days are decidedly behind him. His marriage to Scarlett has fallen apart, he has been passed over for a promotion at work, his teenage kids think he is a loser, and he has been reduced to crashing with his high school nerd-turned-techno-billionaire best friend Ned. But Mike is given another chance when he is miraculously transformed back to the age of 17. Unfortunately, Mike may look 17 again, but his thirtysomething outlook is totally uncool in the class of 2009. And in trying to recapture his best years, Mike could lose the best things that ever happened. Widgets

American Pie

Cast: Jason Biggs, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, Natasha Lyonne, Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy, Alyson Hannigan, Shannon Elizabeth, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jennifer Coolidge

Plot Outline: In this coming of age comedy, a group of friends at the end of their senior year make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. In their outrageous attempts to fulfill this mission, they come to some surprising, hilarious and often touching realizations about themselves, their friendships, their notions of love, romance and their relationships with the opposite sex.

American Pie 2

Cast: Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Tara Reid, Eugene Levy, Chris Klein, Mena Suvari, Alyson Hannigan, Shannon Elizabeth, Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jennifer Coolidge, Molly Cheek

Plot Outline: After a year apart – attending different schools, meeting different people – the guys rent a beach house and vow to make this the best summer ever. Between the wild parties, outrageous revelations and yes, a trip to band camp, they discover that times change and people change, but in the end, it’s all about sticking together.

Anger Management

Cast: Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler, Marisa Tomei, Heather Graham, Harry Dean Stanton, John Turturro, Rudolph Giuliani, Kevin Nealon, January Jones, Lynne Thigpen, Woody Harrelson, Allen Covert, Adrian Ricard

Plot Outline: After a small misunderstanding aboard an airplane escalates out of control, timid businessman Dave Buznik is ordered by the court to undergo anger management therapy at the hands of specialist Dr. Buddy Rydell. Dave reluctantly accepts the doctor’s counseling, but after another mishap Buddy steps up his aggressive and unorthodox treatments by moving in with Dave. As Buddy wreaks havoc with every aspect of his life, Dave must decide whether to crawl back into his shell or finally stand up for himself.

Another You

Cast: Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Mercedes Ruehl

Plot Outline: George has been in a mental hospital for 3 years and is finally ready to go out into the real world again. Eddie Dash, a dedicated con-man, is supposed to keep him out of trouble, but when people begin to recognize George as the missing millionaire Abe, Eddie wants to take advantage of the situation.

Are We Done Yet?

Cast: Ice Cube, Nia Long, John C. Mcginley, Aleisha Allen, Philip Bolden, Jonathan Katz, Linda Kash, Alexander Kalugin, Dan Joffre, Pedro Miguel Arce, Tahj Mowry, Jacob Vargas, Brenda Prieur, Magic Johnson

Plot Outline: In this follow-up to “Are We There Yet?”, Nick Persons is now married to Suzanne and has bought a quiet suburban house to escape the rat race of the big city and to provide more space for his new wife and kids, Lindsey and Kevin. But when his new home quickly becomes a costly “fixer upper” and he finds himself at the mercy of an eccentric contractor, Nick’s suburban dream soon becomes a riotous nightmare.


Cast: Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig, Nick Nolte, Luis Guzman, Geraldine James, Leslie Hendrix, Christina Calph, Anna Kuchma

Plot Outline: Arthur Bach is an irresponsible charmer who has always relied on two things to get by: his limitless fortune and the good sense of lifelong nanny Hobson to keep him out of trouble. Now he face his biggest challenge—choosing between an arranged marriage to ambitious corporate exec Susan that will ensure his lavish lifestyle, or an uncertain future with the one thing money can’t buy—Naomi, the woman he really loves.

As Good As It Gets

Cast: Helen Hunt, Jack Nicholson, Greg Kinnear, Cuba Gooding Jr., Skeet Ulrich, Yeardley Smith, Lupe Ontiveros, Bibi Osterwald, Ross Bleckner, Bernadette Balagtas , Jaffe Cohen, Laurie Kilpatrick, Alice Vaughn

Plot Outline: An unexpected act of kindness by an obsessive-compulsive novelist with a mean mouth helps put him back in the human race.

Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Cast: Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Verne Troyer, Rob Lowe, Seth Green, Robert Wagner, Elizabeth Hurley, Mindy Sterling, Gia Carides, Oliver Muirhead, George Cheung, Jeffrey Meng, Muse Watson, Scott Cooper

Plot Outline: Dr. Evil has traveled back in time to 1969 and stolen Austin’s man powers. With the heavenly help of eminently shaggable Felicity Shagwell, Austin must regain his vitality and save the world from the evil Dr. Evil’s latest plan for world domination.

Bachelor Party Vegas

Cast: Kal Penn, Jonathan Bennett, Donald Faison, Charlie Talbert, Aaron Himelstein, Vincent Pastore, Chuck Liddell, Lin Shaye, Daniel Stern, Tim Poster, Graham Beckel, Jaime Pressly, Diane Klimaszewski, Elaine Klimaszewski, Diora Baird, Kathy Griffin, Marisa Petroro, Brent Briscoe, Lindsay Hollister, Mighty Rasta, Liz Coke, Michael Dean Jacobs, Tim Loomis, Michelle Woods, Richard Wilk

Plot Outline: When a bunch of best friends head to Vegas for one last wild weekend to help their buddy kiss the single life goodbye, you can bet they get more than they bargained for in this outrageous comedy.

Back To School

Cast: Rodney Dangerfield, Sally Kellerman

Plot Outline: A fun loving man goes back to university to prevent his son from quiting.

Back to the Future

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson, Claudia Wells, Marc McClure, Wendie Jo Sperber, George DiCenzo, Frances Lee McCain , James Tolkan, J.J. Cohen, Casey Siemaszko, Billy Zane, Harry Waters Jr.

Plot Outline: After accidentally being transported into the past, and interfering with his parents budding romance, a young man struggles to reduce the dramatic effect that his arrival had on his future life.

Back to the Future Part II

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Thomas F. Wilson, Elisabeth Shue, James Tolkan, Casey Siemaszko, Billy Zane, J.J. Cohen, Charles Fleischer, Ricky Dean Logan

Plot Outline: An exhilarating visit by Marty and Doc to the year 2015 seemingly resolves a few problems with the future McFly family. But when the two return home, they soon discover someone has tampered with time to produce a nightmarish Hill Valley, 1985. Their only hope is to once again go back to 1955 and save the future.

Back to the Future Part III

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Thomas F. Wilson, Elisabeth Shue, James Tolkan, Matt Clark, Dub Taylor, Harry Carey Jr., Pat Buttram, Christopher Wynne, Sean Gregory Sullivan, Marc McClure

Plot Outline: Stranded in 1955 after a freak burst of lightning, Marty must travel back to 1885 to rescue Doc Brown from a premature end. Surviving an Indian attack and unfriendly townsfolk, Marty finds Doc Brown the blacksmith. But with the Doc under the spell of the charming Clara Clayton, it’s up to Marty to get them out of the Wild West and back to the future.

Bad Teacher

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Lucy Punch, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake, Phyllis Smith, John Michael Higgins, Dave Allen, Jillian Armenante, Matthew J. Evans, Kaitlyn Dever

Plot Outline: In any contest, Elizabeth Halsey would win the “Worst Teacher Ever” trophy. When she gets dumped by her sugar daddy, she uses all her wiles and her bad attitude to snag the boyfriend of the school’s most beloved teacher.

National Lampoon’s Barely Legal

Cast: Erik Von Detten, Tony Denman, Daniel Farber, Sarah-Jane Potts, Amy Smart, Tom Arnold, Dey Young, Riley Smith, Vince Vieluf, Samm Levine, Horatio Sanz, Cameron Richardson

Plot Outline: In the tradition of National Lampoon humor comes the story of Deacon, Matt and Fred who will do anything for even a glimpse of sex and spend their mornings pirating porno movies from Fred’s after school job at the video store. But when Fred is fired the well runs dry, and our heroes come up with a new plan: make their own “adult” film.


Cast: Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Annie McEnroe, Catherine O’Hara, Maurice Page, Jeffrey Jones, Glenn Shadix, Sylvia Sidney, Robert Goulet, Dick Cavett, Tony Cox

Plot Outline: A young couple dies in a car crash and is condemned to haunt their house. A new family disrupts their afterlives by moving into their house, and are forced to hire an evil ghost to exorcise them out of the house.

Best in Show

Cast: Christopher Guest, Parker Posey, Eugene Levy, Michael Hitchcock, Catherine O’Hara, Carrie Aizley, Lewis Arquette, Dany Canino, Bob Balaban, Michael McKean, John Michael Higgins

Plot Outline: The Mayfair Kennel Club Dog Show is only days away, and the best of the best are preparing to win the blue ribbon. The mockumentary follows the lives and travels of the more-than-avid contestants and their dogs.


Cast: Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine, Steve Carell, Jason Schwartman, Heather Burns, Sally Upland, Jim Turner, Stephen Colbert, David Alan Grier

Plot Outline: Jack Wyatt is a movie star who is past his prime but after he gets a shot at a starring role in a movie-remake of the hit 60’s sitcom Bewitched, he goes all out to find the perfect leading lady for the role of Samantha Stevens. Little does Jack know that the woman he finds to play the part of the crafty witch, is more perfect for the role than he could ever have known.

The Big Picture

Cast: Kevin Bacon, Emily Longstreth, J.T. Walsh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Martin Short, Michael McKean, Kim Miyori, Teri Hatcher, Dan Schneider, Jason Gould, Tracy Brooks Swope, Don Franklin, Gary Kroeger, Alice Hirson, Fran Drescher

Plot Outline: After Nick Chapman graduates from film school, and his short film wins a special prize. This gives him a high enough profile that he can get Hollywood to back the film he has long dreamed of making. Directed by Christopher Guest.

Big Daddy

Cast: Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams, Kristy Swanson, Jon Stewart, Steve Buscemi, Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Josh Mostel, Leslie Mann, Allen Covert, Rob Schneider, Joseph Bologna, Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran

Plot Outline: Thirty-two-year-old Sonny Koufax (Adam Sandler) has spent his whole life avoiding responsibility. But when his girlfriend dumps him for an older man, he’s got to find a way to prove he’s ready to grow up. In a desperate, last-ditch effort, Sonny adopts five-year-old Julian (Cole and Dylan Sprouse) to impress her. She’s not impressed … and he can’t return the kid. Uh-oh for Sonny!

Billy Madison

Cast: Adam Sandler, Bridgette Wilson, Norm MacDonald, Darren McGavin, Bradley Whitford, Josh Mostel, Mark Beltzman, Larry Hankin, Theresa Merritt, Dina Platias, Harant Alianak, Vincent Marino, Jack Mather, Christopher Kelk, Marc Donato

Plot Outline: In order to gain control of his family’s billion dollar business, a man must win a bet that he can go through grades 1-12 again in 6 months. The fact that he’s a hopeless goof who failed all these grades the first time doesn’t help.

Blast From the Past

Cast: Alicia Silverstone, Brendan Fraser, Christopher Walken, Sissy Spacek, Dave Foley, Joey Slotnick, Dale Raoul, Hayden Tank, Douglas Smith, Ryan Sparks, Don Yesso, Scott Thomson, Ted Kairys, Rex Linn, Cynthia Mace

Plot Outline: Meet Adam Webber (Brendan Fraser), born and raised in a bomb shelter with his mad scientist father (Christopher Walken) and his sherry-swilling mother (Sissy Spacek). Now, 35 years later, Adam is about to emerge into a bewildering new world, where he’ll meet Eve (Alicia Silverstone), a modern LA woman who helps him adapt. But Adam gets a quick lesson in love in the 90’s that results in more attention than he ever expected!

Blonde Ambition

Cast: Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson, John T. Billingsley, Rachael Leigh Cook, Andy Dick, Drew Fuller, Paul Vogt, Preston Vanderslice, Willie Nelson, Christa Campbell, Brad Dison, Karen McClain, Larry Miller, Penelope Ann Miller, Ritchie Montgomery, Sarah Ann Schultz, Niki Spiridakos

Plot Outline: A young woman’s unconventional, comedic journey up the corporate ladder while finding love along the way.

Blue Street

Cast: Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson, Dave Chappelle and Peter Greene

Plot Outline: A thief turned ex-con poses as a cop to retrieve a diamond he stole years ago.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Cast: Colm Feore, Patrick Huard, Lucie Laurier, Patrice Bélanger, Sylvain Marcel, Hugolin Chevrette-Landesque, Pierre Lebeau, Nanette Workman, Rick Mercer, Louis-José Houde, Richard Howland, André Robitaille, Gilles Renaud, Jayne Heitmeyer, Erik Knudsen, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Robert Montcalm, Sharlene Royer

Plot Outline: Two police officers, one French-speaking, one English-speaking, must join forces to investigate a crime that occurred on the Quebec/Ontario border but while working together, the men discover their approaches to their work are as different as their respective languages.

The Breakfast Club

Cast: Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Anthony Michael Hall, Paul Gleason, John Kapelos, Ron Dean

Plot Outline: Five high-schoolers from different backgrounds come together in a special Saturday detention, learning about each other and forming friendships in the process.


Cast: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jon Hamm, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Matt Lucas, Chris O’Dowd, Jill Clayburgh, Johnny Yong Bosch, Kali Hawk

Plot Outline: Annie’s life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend, Lillian, is engaged, she simply must serve as Lillian’s maid of honor. Though lovelorn and broke, Annie bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals. With one chance to get it perfect, she’ll show Lillian and her bridesmaids just how far you’ll go for someone you love.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Cast: Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Embeth Davidtz, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent, Charmian May, Paul Brooke, Felicity Montagu, Sally Phillips, James Callis, Charlie Caine, Gareth Marks

Plot Outline: An unmarried career woman decides to turn over a new page in her life by channeling her thoughts, opinions and insecurities into a journal that quickly becomes a hilarious chronicle of her adventures. Irrepressible Bridget somehow managers to become the center of attention between a guy who’s too good to be true and another who’s so wrong for her, he could just be right.

Bubble Boy

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Marley Shelton, Swoosie Kurtz, Kid Rock, Verne Troyer, John Carroll Lynch, Dave Sheridan, Brian George, Patrick Cranshaw, Stephen Spinella, Ever Carradine, Geoffrey Arend, Matthew McGrory, Bonnie Morgan, Jason Sklar, Randy Sklar, Ping Wu, Zach Galifianakis, Boti Ann Bliss

Plot Outline: Jimmy Livingston is a young man born without immunities and raised in a manufactured world provided by his well-intentioned but misguided mother. When Jimmy realizes he is in love, with Chloe, the girl next door, he has no choice but to build a mobile “bubble suit” and set off across the country to Niagara Falls to stop her wedding in time to confess his love to her. Along the way, he crosses paths with freaks, bikers, rockstars, and a cult racing against the clock, and his parents, who are determined to bring Jimmy back to the safety of his “bubble room.”

Burn After Reading

Cast: Brad Pitt, Frances Mcdormand, George Clooney, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, J.K. Simmons, Richard Jenkins, David Rasche, Kevin Sussman, David Huddleston, Matt Walton, Logan Kulick

Plot Outline: An ousted CIA official’s memoir accidentally falls into the hands of two gym employees intent on exploiting their find.

Burn Hollywood Burn

Cast: Ryan O’Neal, Coolio, Chuck D, Eric Idle, Sandra Bernhard, Richard Jeni, Leslie Stefanson, Cherie Lunghi, Harvey Weinstein, Gavin Polone, Marcello Thedford, Nicole Nagel, Stephen Tobolowsky, Erik King

Plot Outline: When Allen Smithee, a young director, comes to Hollywood to direct a new action movie, he discovers that the script is bad, and that the producer is manipulating him for his own purposes. After deciding to disown the movie, and direct it under a pseudonym, he is shocked to discover that he is required to use a pseudonym approved by the Director’s Guild. Ironically, this pseudonym happens to be his own name, Allen Smithee.

Calendar Girl

Cast: Jason Priestley, Gabriel Olds, Jerry O Connell, Joe Pantoliano, Steve Railsback, Kurt Fuller, Stephen Tobolowsky, Emily Warfield, Michael Quill, Leslie Wing, Sean Fitzgerald, Maggie Simman

Plot Outline: Three young men go on an end of the summer trip to Hollywood, CA. Their quest: to fulfill the fantasy of meeting Marilyn Monroe.

Can’t Hardly Wait

Cast: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Lauren Ambrose, Jenna Elfman, Breckin Meyer, Seth Green, Michelle Brookhurst, Erik Palladino, Channon Roe, Sean Patrick Thomas, Freddy Rodríguez, Joel Michaely, Jay Paulson, Brian Hall

Plot Outline: High school graduation pumps up the student’s vitality as they are about walk the threshold of beginning a new life. But there one boy that has a little more on his mind lately and decides to put a plan in action to win the girl he’s loved most of his high school years.

The Change-Up

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde, Leslie Mann, Mircea Monroe, Alan Arkin, Shannon Guess, Jeanine Jackson, Lo Ming, Greg Savage

Plot Outline: Growing up together, Mitch and Dave were inseparable best friends, but as the years have passed they’ve slowly drifted apart. While Dave is an overworked lawyer, husband and father of three, Mitch has remained a single, quasi-employed man-child who has never met a responsibility he liked. Each thinks the other has the perfect life. Following a drunken night out together, Mitch and Dave’s worlds are turned upside down when they wake up in each other’s bodies and proceed to freak out.

Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams

Cast: Cheech Martin, Tommy Chong, Stacy Keach, Sandra Bernhard

Plot Outline: Nice Dreams, it rhymes with ice creams. And that’s what Cheech and Chong are selling in this thoroughly wacky comedy. The outrageous, permanently spaced-out duo sells enough of their “specially mixed” ice cream to take the cash and realize their fondest dreams: new guitars, islands in the sun and beautiful women.

Chick Magnet

Cast: Jeff Venables, Meili Cady and Josh Beren

Plot Outline: What if you had a magic shirt that made you irresistible to women? Let the chicks fall where they may.

Children of the Revolution

Cast: Sam Neill, Judy Davis, F. Murray Abraham, Richard Roxburgh, Rachel Griffiths, Geoffrey Rush, Russell Kiefel, John Gaden, Ben McIvor, Marshall Napier, Ken Radley, Fiona Press, Alex Menglet, Rowan Woods, Barry Langrishe

Plot Outline: After a self-deluded Australian communist travels to Moscow, she finds herself pregnant. Believing the that the father of the child is Joseph Stalin she raises her son with the iron fisted tyrant as a role model.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Cast: Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Randy Quaid, Juliette Lewis, Johnny Galecki, John Randolph, Diane Ladd, E.G. Marshall, Doris Roberts, Miriam Flynn, Cody Burger, Ellen Hamilton Latzen, William Hickey, Mae Questel, Sam McMurray

Plot Outline: Another Griswald vacation disaster. This time it’s…Christmas!


Cast: Jeff Anderson, Brian O’Halloran, Kevin Smith, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Lisa Spoonhauer, Jason Mewes, Scott Mosier, Scott Schiaffo, David Klein

Plot Outline: It’s one day in the life of a pair of overworked counter jockeys who brave a nonstop parade of unpredictable shoppers, while managing to play hockey on the roof, visit a funeral home and straighten out their offbeat love lives.

Comics Without Borders

Cast: Russell Peters

Plot Outline: This highly successful Comedy Series developed for Showtime Networks showcases the world’s best comedians. COMICS WITHOUT BORDERS is hosted by beloved comic, Russell Peters, who has headlined and sold out shows from London to Sydney to Toronto to New York City. This multi-cultural stand up comedy series has garnered incredible ratings and features the funniest comedians from around the world.

The Cottage

Cast: Steve O’Donnell, Andy Serkis, Simon Schatzberger, Reece Shearsmith, Jennifer Ellison, Johnny Harris, Dave Legeno, Jonathan Chan-Pensley, Katy Murphy, Logan Wong

Plot Outline: Forced into hiding after their kidnapping plan goes awry, two rival siblings, David and Peter, find themselves fighting for their sanity while they hole up in a secluded country cottage. Weighed down by a hostage who refuses to stay quiet, or tied down, they are soon held captive by their own victim. But everyone’s problems go from bad to worse when they come face-to-face with their psychotic axe-wielding neighbor – a demented farmer with a dark, nasty secret buried where you’d least expect.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Cast: Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Kevin Bacon, Ryan Gosling, Crystal Reed, Marisa Tomei, Joey King, John Carroll Lynch, Julianna Guill

Plot Outline: At forty-something, straight-laced Cal Weaver is living the dream—good job, nice house, great kids and marriage to his high school sweetheart. But when Cal learns that his wife has cheated on him and wants a divorce, his “perfect” life quickly unravels. Worse, in today’s single world, Cal, who hasn’t dated in decades, stands out as the epitome of un-smooth.

Dancer, Texas – Pop. 81

Cast: Breckin Meyer, Peter Facinelli, Ethan Embry, Eddie Mills, Tina Brawner, Ashley Johnson, Patricia Wettig, Michael O’Neill, Eddie Jones, Wayne Tippet, Alexandra Holden, Keith Szarabajka, Shawn Weatherly, Michael Crabtree, Lashawn McIvor, Joe Stevens

Plot Outline: Four friends from a small Texas town of Dancer are graduating from high school and are planning to move to L.A. after graduation. All other 77 residents feel threatened by their decision and decide to spoil their plans by any means possible.

Dazed & Confused

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jason London, Rory Cochrane, Joey Lauren Adams, Ben Affleck, Wiley Wiggins, Sasha Jenson, Shawn Andrews, Adam Goldberg, Anthony Rapp, Parker Posey, Michelle Burke, Marissa Ribisi, Cole Hauser, Milla Jovovich

Plot Outline: High school students experience the last day of school in late May, 1976, by searching for Aerosmith tickets and hazing the incoming freshmen.

Deck The Halls

Cast: Danny Devito, Matthew Broderick, Kristin Davis, Kristin Chenoweth, Alia Shawkat, Sabrina Aldridge, Jorge Garcia, Fred Armisen, Dylan Blue, Gary Chalk, Agam Darshi, Ryan Devlin, Alex Ferris, Cory Monteith, Jill Morrison, Lochlyn Munro, Michael Karl Richards, Gillian Vigman

Plot Outline: Determined to unseat Steve Finch’s reign as the town’s holiday season king, Buddy Hall plasters his house with so many decorative lights that it’ll be visible from space! When their wives bond, and their kids follow suit, the two men only escalate their rivalry­ and their decorating. It’s anybody’s guess whether the holidays will wind up jolly or jostled in this wild and woolly laugh-fest that the whole family will love!

Dumb and Dumber

Cast: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Lauren Holly, Karen Duffy, Mike Starr, Charles Rocket, Teri Garr, Lin Shaye, Cam Neely, Harland Williams, Felton Perry, Rob Moran, Hank Brandt, Joe Baker, Victoria Rowell, Brady Bluhm

Plot Outline: Harry and Lloyd are too lame to live–and too dense to die–on a cross-country road trip to return a briefcase full of cash to its rightful owner.

An Evening with Kevin Smith

Cast: Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes

Plot Outline: A follow up to AN EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH, this includes wildly funny, irreverent Q&A sessions in London and Toronto with one of Hollywood’s most gifted and hilarious filmmakers. This is yet another chance to get up close and personal with the man that brought you DOGMA, CLERKS and JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK.

The Ex

Cast: Suzy Amis, Yancy Butler, Nick Mancuso, Hamish Tildesley, Babs Chula, Claire Riley, Barry W. Levy, Roger Barnes, Tom Pickett, Barry Horton, Arlene Belcastro, Allison Warren

Plot Outline: After moving on with his life after his messy divorce, an architect finds that a murderer is stalking his friends, and that his new wife is the next target.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Cast: Judge Reinhold, Anthony Edwards, Sean Penn, Phoebe Cates, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Robert Romanus, Brian Backer, Ray Walston, Scott Thomson, Vincent Schiavelli, Amanda Wyss, D.W. Brown, Forest Whitaker, Zoe Kelli Simon, Tom Nolan

Plot Outline: A group of Californian teens struggle to deal with independence, sexuality, money, and a host of other problems as they muddle their way through their high school careers.

Father of Invention

Cast: Virginia Madsen, Kevin Spacey, Camilla Belle, Heather Graham, John Stamos, Johnny Knoxville, Michael Rosenbaum, Craig Robinson, Jack McGee, Christine Quinn

Plot Outline: Robert Axel, an eccentric inventor who through wealth and fame, finds unexpected misfortune and after many hardships is ready to redeem his name and rebuild his billion dollar empire.

Father vs. Son

Cast: Josh Dean, Heather Stephens and Paul Wolff

Plot Outline: A comedy centered around a newly divorced guy (Wolff) who moves in with his son (Dean) and joins him on the singles scene.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Cast: Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, Jeffrey Jones, Jennifer Grey, Cindy Pickett, Lyman Ward, Edie McClurg, Charlie Sheen, Ben Stein, Del Close, Virginia Capers, Richard Edson, Larry Flash Jenkins, Kristy Swanson

Plot Outline: Playing hooky for a single day produces a lifetime’s worth of adventure for Ferris and his friends.

The Fifth Commandment

Cast: Rick Yune, Keith David, Bokeem Woodbine, Dania Ramirez, Roger Yuan, Shaun Delaney, Don Ferguson, Damian Mavis, Antonio Rose, Erik Markus Schuetz

Plot Outline: After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents as a young boy, Chance Templeton is taken in by a ruthless killer and raised to follow in his footsteps. An assassin’s trade is solitary by nature, but Chance shares a tight bond with his adopted brother, Miles, who’s elected a more honorable path working as a bodyguard for a sultry pop star. When Chance is contracted to gun down his brother’s client, he realizes there is finally a line he cannot cross. Uniting with his brother to stave off an expected hit, Chance finds himself targeted by the elite members of his own profession as he struggles to protect a woman who stubbornly rejects his services.

First Sunday

Cast: Ice Cube, Katt Williams, Tracy Morgan, Regina Hall, Chi McBride, Loretta Devine, Nicholas Turturro, Malinda Williams, Michael Beach, Clifton Powell, Arjay Smith, P.J. Byrne, Britten Kelley, Starletta DuPois, Paul Campbell, C.J. Sanders, Reynaldo Rey, Olivia Cole, Trae Ireland, Roy Jackson

Plot Outline: Durell and LeeJohn are best friends and bumbling petty criminals. When Durell learns that his ex-girlfriend plans to move to another state with their son – unless they can get her $17,000 to pay off a debt – they come up with a desperate scheme to rob their neighbourhood church. But when the duo fumbles their way through the break-in, they discover someone has beaten them to the punch. In order to get their hands on the money, Durell and LeeJohn are forced to spend the night in the presence of the Lord and his followers… and end up getting a lot more than they bargained for.


Cast: Chevy Chase, M. Emmet Walsh, Geena Davis, Joe Don Baker, Tim Matheson, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Richard Libertini, George Wendt, Kenneth Mars, Bill Henderson, William Traylor, George Wyner, Tony Longo, Larry Flash Jenkins, Ralph Seymour

Plot Outline: While working on a drug exposé, an investigative reporter who is constantly changing his identity attracts the atten

For Keeps

Cast: Molly Ringwald, John Zarchen, Pauly Shore, Michelle Downey, Randall Batinkoff, Kenneth Mars, Patricia Barry, Miriam Flynn, Conchata Ferrell, Janet MacLachlan, Sharon Brown, Rene Estevez, Darcy DeMoss

Plot Outline: Darcy and her boyfriend must face a difficult adult challenge, when Darcy gets pregnant while still in high school. The couple’s parents urge the pair to either have an abortion or put the baby up for adoption, and together, Darcy and Stan must make a decision that will have far reaching effects.

Four Christmases

Cast: Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Jon Favreau, Mary Steenburgen, Kristin Chenoweth, Stephanie Venditto, Jon Voight, Carol Kane, Noah Munck, Haley Hallak, Dwight Yoakam, Tim McGraw, Katy Mixon, Zak Boggan, Jordi Caballero

Plot Outline: A holiday comedy about a married couple who struggle to visit all four of their divorced parents’ homes over the Christmas holiday

Friends with Benefits

Cast: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Patricia Clarkson, Jenna Elfman, Bryan Greenberg, Richard Jenkins, Woody Harrelson, Nolan Gould, Andy Samberg, Shaun White

Plot Outline: Dylan and Jamie think it’s going to be easy to add the simple act of sex to their friendship, despite what Hollywood romantic comedies would have them believe. They soon discover however that getting physical really does always lead to complications.

Get Shorty

Cast: John Travolta, Danny Devito, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, Dennis Farina, Delroy Lindo, James Gandolfini, David Paymer, Martin Ferrero, Jon Gries, Miguel Sandoval, Renee Props

Plot Outline: When a gangster is sent to Hollywood in order to collect a debt, he finds himself enamoured with the movie business, and wanting to make a name for himself.

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