More on the Statistics Canada Lock-ups

After learning that NTKN, Econolive and World Business Press are all participants in Statistics Canada lock-ups, where sensitive information is released, I sent a second email to their media representative on Sunday:

I have a follow-up question that I would like to ask to the appropriate people at Statistics Canada:
Do you have concerns about letting Need to Know News, World Business Press and Empire New (Econolive) and, in the past, CEP News into your lock-ups given that none of these companies appear to have subscribers/customers and two have been established to have close relationships with proprietary trading companies. I am referring here to the ties between NTKN and Jed Capital and those between CEP News and Vigilant Futures, the latter of which secretly funded the former.

Here is the reply I received Tuesday:

We have explained the criteria for attending lock-ups in our previous email. We have nothing further to add.

May 6

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