3 thoughts on “Avid Life Media IPO suspended; no buyout for Moxy Media (Geosign) and American Capital Strategies

  1. They couldn't raise $200 million to buy a company that's barely worth it's office furniture? I'm hoping all the negative comments made against Geosign/Moxy saved investors from getting swindled yet again. Let's hope the comments keep up for future possible buyouts.


  2. I agree that Moxy is worthless. However, I don't share your sympathies for American Capital. You know what they say about a fool and his money…I'm more sympathetic to American Capital shareholders who have had this whole debacle essentially hidden from them.BTW, I'm still waiting for the proof that American Capital didn't know Geosign was an arbitrage operation. Until then, I'm just a blogger with a wild theory. And the standing narrative, for consumption in the press, is that American Capital bought into an arbitrage operation knowing just what it was doing.


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