RTTNews won’t talk about lockups

OK, it’s official. RTTNews hates to talk as much as CEP News. I did finally manage to get Martin Kalverkamp, the guy who said DPA-AFX would gain access to lockups thanks to its deal with RTTNews, on the line, but then he pleaded ignorant about exactly what lockups and told me I had to speak to Ravi Mariathasan.

When I finally tracked down Ravi Mariathasan at his Philadelphia-area home, he essentially told me to get lost. His position is that RTTNews is a private company covering “companies, news and governments” and he has nothing to say to me.So far, I can’t find any memberships/accreditation to government press galleries for RTTNews, so I don’t yet know which lockups they’re in and who the reporters are. Perhaps, they are listed under their old name of RealTimeTraders. Or perhaps the reporters are accredited to another news organization.

One thing that does strike me is the Philadelphia connection. One of the first organizations to show an interest, that subsequently turned out to be enduring, in CEP News was the Pennsylvania office of Susquehanna Investments.

What’s that expression? Just sayin’.

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