Things that make you wonder – Part MXVII

I received this e-mail from a VC-funded venture, which I was considering using as an ad network. I was leaning against going with them and after receiving this e-mail today, I definitely won’t.

Dear valued publishers,
We are launching our gross $1 CPM on all sizes 300×250, 728×90, 160×600 to help promote the XXXXXX campaign. It is VERY important we perform well with XXXXXX so if you and your coworkers/family can click on the XXXXXX ads running on your site, it’d definitely help the CTR. To better promote this campaign, we’re also launching a gross $1 cpm brought to you by XXXXXXXX. The flight dates are 4/18-5/5 with 20M impressions.

Please reply: “woof” to accept this campaign…. I kid =) but a “yes” will do.

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