Blogspot: a bad address

I get a lot of flack for having my various blogs on Blogspot. Techie types think it’s amateur hour and non-techies think it’s kind of low rent, a rung or two above My Space. And then of course, they’re the people that think having anything at all to do with the internet is kind of tacky, but they’re becoming fewer and fewer.

I bring all this up partly because I was thinking the other day about how having a hotmail or a yahoo or a g-mail address used to be seen as low status, the sign of someone without a job and an to call their own. And then along came Facebook and all those other social media applications to which you can’t upload your address book unless it’s a gmail or hotmail or yahoo account, and, all of a sudden, those once-frowned-upon addresses were looking pretty good, and it was the crowd that seemed fuddy duddy and out of touch.

In any case, I do, at some point, plan to move off Blogspot but for now, it’s free and it mostly meets my needs so I’m staying put. But I’d like to hear from the naysayers about why exactly you think Blogspot is such a bad address.

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