Sounds like an information cascade to me

The Globe and Mail‘s Mathew Ingram has a post on how the Obama ‘Yes We Can’ video “went from blockbuster media event and unadulterated success story to backlash in about 48 hours — less time than it would have taken for a typical campaign video to even be distributed to TV networks a few years ago, let alone watched by almost two million people, posted to blogs, commented on and analyzed. Fascinating.”

Interesting indeed, but isn’t it just an information cascade on the internet? It never fails to amaze me how when someone makes a controversial post or does something on the internet, almost all the intial commenters agree until one comes along and says, “Hey, wait a minute.” And then all the other “dissenters” come out of the woodwork.

It will be interesting to see if the verdict on this particular video sticks or what readjustments will take place now that both points of view are available for people to agree or disagree with.

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