Sources needed for another crack at Geosign story

Now that there are reports of an American Capital/ Geosign split, I’d like to take another crack at this story, but I need sources.

In the past some of you have been very helpful and I have respected requests to keep it off the record. As you can see from reading past coverage, no one has been outed. And you can judge the quality of reporting yourselves for an indication of what’s to come.

So, consider this an official bleg. Please get in touch if you have inisghts into the latest news.

2 thoughts on “Sources needed for another crack at Geosign story

  1. You may want to check out a few of the people Jake Baillie was dealing with in the States just prior to leaving TrueLocal. Word has it that he actively pulling in resources to build up other business units within the GeoSign family. There is much more to this story.


  2. The last little bit of news you’ve uncovered is pretty much correct. American Capitol and Nye have esentially split Geosign into two seperate companies. eMedia is owned by Nye, Moxy Medix by A.C.TrueLocal is one of very few websites that eMedia retained from the Geosign portfolio.


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