Have American Capital and Geosign split?

Finally turned up a link to the story on the alleged American Capital split with Geosign and, if it’s all true, that’s one expensive divorce.

The biggest problems with the article are that a) it’s not clear about who got what and b) there are no sources other than a True Local spokeswoman whose name has been misspelled. And since “spell it right” is the first thing they teach you at journalism school, that’s not a good sign.

On the other hand, Mark McQueen thinks that where there’s smoke there’s fire and he appears to have some very good sources.

Still, I’m curious as to what sites exactly American Capital supposedly got and what eMedia ended up with. I always have to laugh when I hear True Local referred to as a search engine given how useless it is. Earlier this year, I made that point to an email correspondent who replied: “Being a linux geek living in waterloo, on, i poppled over to ‘truelocal.com’ and asked for the results on searching for ‘linux’ in ‘waterloo, on.’ i won’t spoil the surprise, try it yourself.” Check it out.

Meanwhile, no heads appear to have rolled at American Captial where their crack “technology team” wasted a lot of shareholder money on a bunch of worthless web sites.

If you have info, we’d still love to get to the bottom of this story.

2 thoughts on “Have American Capital and Geosign split?

  1. actually, if you don’t specify a state/province, the TL engine picks the Waterloo it thinks you are most likely looking for. If you’re stateside, it’ll most likely pick Waterloo, IA (the largest). Canadians will get Waterloo, On. I know cuz I built it.


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