What’s wrong with this picture?

As a journalist who loves the internet but is still having to cope with the downside of a media industry in transition, this kind of thing really hurts.

From the New York Times (Sept. 18, 2007):

The Times’s site has about 13 million unique visitors each month, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, far more than any other newspaper site.

From the Geosign website:

With more than 35 million visitors to our sites each month, we’re one of the top 50 trafficked sites in the online publishing world.

So, once again, all you arbitrage experts and SEO gurus, could an organizatization like the Times benefit from Geosign-style arbitrage? Or, as I suggested yesterday, does this particular kind of arbitrage inherently reward bad content?

10 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Darling, you’re making my head hurt.It’s like the tax code. Why do you require more than a basic understanding?Whatever you do, don’t listen to some foolish young SEO type.


  2. Does anyone else find it funny that annbrocklehurst.com is an arbitrage site? Obviously someone has a sense of humour, or did you fall to the darkside Ann?


  3. If AnnBrocklehurst.com is an arbitrage site, then so is every for-profit content site on the internet and every publisher in existence.What exactly constitutes arbitrage has been discussed many times, including here.To different people it means different things.For me, it does not mean making a profit publishing legitimate content.It means making a profit while devaluing an ad system useful to legitimate publishers and contributing nothing of use or of value to anyone.I’m not on the dark side yet.


  4. Yay, Ann! Great response. Good writing doesn’t come cheap or free (contrary to what many arbitrage sites may think). I read a lot of blogs and websites that people maintain simply because they love to write and share their knowledge. If they can make some money to support it, more power to them! I’ll take passion and expertise over MFA (made for advertising) content any day.


  5. Clearly you’re a little slow on the uptake Ann. Even though your header says Ann Brocklehurst.com, your site isn’t in fact that domain and you don’t own that domain(to my knowledge, since the whois info is private). If you navigate to the actual http://www.annbrocklehurst.com you will find an arbitrage site. Thanks for coming out.


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