Interesting, but what does it mean?

Anonymous XVVIIXI recently left the following comment:

OK, something that I’m surprised hasn’t yet been mentioned is the ongoing traffic arbitrage that doesn’t involve Google.

go to

search for “canvas tents”

Okay done, here are the results.

look at a couple of the top advertisers there

Which advertisers? What am I supposed to notice? Come back, Anonymous. Please help.

7 thoughts on “Interesting, but what does it mean?

  1. Maybe you have to search from a US location? Yahoo Publisher Network (which they use to monetize) only wants US traffic so it would make sense.


  2. Geosign is =still= advertising with Google, just not to the extent they used to.Did they not find all Geosign accounts, or do they still support Geosign’s business model?


  3. Google is subtle. They don’t have to kill an account; just reduce the arbitrage opportunity. For instance let’s say Geosign used to buy clicks for 5 cents and sell them for 50. That’s a bit of a spread. Now all Google has to do is change Geosign’s quality score and they are forced to pay 50 cents for a 50 cent click. The way cool software built by Geosign kicks in and says “oh that’s a bad spread let’s not buy that word”. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some words were even with a high (or is that low?) quality score they can’t buy then at a discount.


  4. That “way cool software” sounds like some old guy in Accounts Payable who says, ” I told you not to buy glue when it costs more than 39 cnets.”Seriously, they haven’t made the software that beats the market yet be it to buy pork bellies or Google AdWords.And who exactly developed this software? Sounds more like something you’d program into Excel or maybe that’s just me…


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