Interest in Geosign Keeps on Growing

And all this without any arbitrage at all. Not even so much as one cent spent on Gooogle AdWords. I’m figuring American Capital Strategies might want to invest at least $10 million for a minority stake. C’mon guys, this is user generated content at its Web 2.0 best.

11 thoughts on “Interest in Geosign Keeps on Growing

  1. It’s clearly not your domain name so you must get a lot of direct navigation traffic based on, ahem, other things.


  2. At it’s “best”?ROFLMAO!How about due to the fact that a journalistic paparazzi is preying on past and present G employee’s emotions?


  3. Apparently Ann is running the only site on the Internet that seriously discusses Geosign and their shady practices. Please, keep up the good work!


  4. So, after all this time and wasted effort, you’ve managed to uncover not one interesting fact that wasn’t reported somewhere else earlier and better, or wasn’t otherwise public knowledge? There probably is an interesting story here, but you sure don’t have it.


  5. From the Guelph Mercury article:Geosign publishes more than 180 websites, and recently announced plans to acquire more.Apparently the Guelph Mercury understands itself as a PR machine. Had they done any journalistic work at all, they would have at least mentioned the 90,000 other “sites”.“We have been hiring people and acquiring business, including the assets of six or so businesses since the financing deal.” He would not name those businesses.No wonder. These acquisitions seem to be as shady as the main operation, as Ann pointed out in another post.“We were successful at raising a bunch of money based on a business model that our investors got excited about,” he said.Yeah, I can imagine that the investors got excited. PPC arbitrage seemed to be the licence to print money. And I can also imagine that these investors now realize what cr*p they invested in. The American Capital guys should be fired for this masterpiece.“Are these (layoffs) a reaction to anything Google has done, or has anything changed with Google? I would say, no. There has been a lot of speculation written about that, but we continue to work very closely with Google, and they are one of our best partners.”…but it is such a dangerous partnership! Google does not need Geosign to survive, but Geosign definitely needs Google to survive. Also, it is a slight exaggeration to call Google a partner when all Geosign do is simply “buy advertising from” Google. When I buy ads from Google worth $100 – may I call Google “a partner”? Is Google happy to be closely associated with Geosign? Can we safely assume that Google knows about this view of the story?Ah, and now I understand why that report re-iterates the official PR line of the 180 sites – otherwise the Geosign guy would not have talked to the Guelph Mercury at all.It is about time that the real story is being pushed towards the print media.


  6. Does blogger have a ‘newest comments’ feature that you can stick in your sidebar? That would be quite helpful.Keep up the good work, this is all quite entertaining.


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