What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Unless you write about it on the net. It’s not clear whether the Chateau Margaux 1996 was downed before the deal was inked or after.

Also interesting to note that this was the only Restaurantica post for this restaurant. Guess it’s not as easy to build that much-vaunted Web 2.0 community content as it is to create spam.

12 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

  1. Dude likes his Voss waterhttp://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&sa;=X&oi;=spell&resnum;=0&ct;=result&cd;=1&q;=voss+water+restaurantica&spell;=1


  2. You people have too much time on your hands. Not sure why anyone cares about what type of water somebody drinks, or that they have good taste in wine.This is bordering on “tabloid.” I’ve got a picture of him getting into his car….$10,000 for the pic. You can post it on your site and try to salvage some credibility.


  3. You are confusing good taste with expensive taste and vulgar displays of wealth.Next you’ll be calling Paris HIlton an aristocrat.


  4. that wine was $325 per bottle according to that link. must have been a really excellent vintage. I hope they savoured ityou can whine about wealthy excesses and indulgances; no one was complaining at the 2006 chrismas party when one of the door prizes was a car


  5. Moreover, “vulgar” displays of wealth are relative.$325 for a bottle of wine is not outrageous, given that most decent winelists will carry vintages in excess of $5,000.Everyone should really stop acting like this guy owes the world something…Does everybody here really think that American Capital was bamboozled? Do you really think that you are smarter than they are/were? Do you not htink there was a full process of Due Diligence leading put to the deal, along with a complete risk assessment?There must be more investment bankers and lawyers on this site than I realized…


  6. “Does everybody here really think that American Capital was bamboozled?”I honestly have no idea. While SEO people like to mystify what they do and claim it’s soooo complicated to figure out, it can pretty much all be sorted with a few days research. It aen’t the theory of relativity.On the other hand, smart people do dumb things all the time, especially when it comes to money. And Mark McQueen is a pretty smart person who’s preapred to write that American Capital didn’t know what it was getting into.Of course, I’ve spoken to a lot of people who say exactly what Anonymous directly above me says. No way they didn’t scrutinize the revenues and ask questions about where future revenues and profits were coming from. Blah, blah, blah.So long story short, I just don not know if American Capital was fooled or made a bad decision or what.I would be more confident in Geosign however if a lot of people hadn’t also told me that the company had no PLan B for after the inevitable arbitrage crackdown.Other sources believe AMerican Capital must have been interested in the “tergeted search” aspect but True Local had been standing still for years and was only puffed up with AdWords traffic as far as I can tell. Its traffic is barely more than mine according to the Alexa graphs shown above so I’m a little bit sceptical.$160 million is a lot of money to stick into a high-risk operation, and, right now, that seems what GEosign appears to be.If you have other information, I’d love to hear it.


  7. And then there are the conspiracy theories… Just imagine someone who does not does not want to be associated with Geosign (but with a vested interest in its ongoing operation and its profits) – what if this person approaches American Capital, puts a truckload of money on the table, and says – go buy Geosign, or at least a good part of it? I guess it’s easy to identify a few big wigs that might fit into this scheme.


  8. that makes no sense.Yahoo would not bribe a VC to buy a portion of Geosign. Yahoo already has puppet strings all over Geosign, they didn’t need to get a VC involved as a secret middleman/owner.I doubt Google would do it either.those are the two bigwig “partners” in the scheme benefitting from it all. Does this conspiracy implicate someone else? Cummon, out with it anonymousconspiracy is hogwash


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