4 thoughts on “No sources = no story

  1. far away from what? far away from somehow blasting open a story that resolves the anger you feel for having been laid off?there is no Enron-esque scandal at the end of the road, there’s just a little knot of questionable morals and a few lies, winners and losers. Just like every other corporation.getaclue, you need closure


  2. “there is no Enron-esque scandal at the end of the road”Well, well, an investment of $160m into a shady business that has been built on a bubble is something new, at least since the bursting of the 1999/2000 bubble.Ann, keep digging!


  3. Closure for me would be if Geosign and its execs were referred to forever on as “publishers of thefart.com.” I could live with that.


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