Domains of expertise

I had a funny call with one investor. I was talking to one firm that will remain nameless who was talking all about their domain expertise (I was getting excited) and it turned out they were using the term ‘domain’ to mean an area of expertise which in this case was technology – they had invested in several software firm that were not even internet driven. I think there’s technology, then the internet, and then domains. – Tim Nye, March 2007

From the American Capital Strategies website:

Launched in February 2006, the American Capital Technology Group invests in early, middle and late stage technology companies as well as mature companies driven in significant part by a specific technology. With the flexibility to invest senior debt, subordinated debt and equity from $5 million in early stage companies to $300 million in more established companies, the American Capital Technology Group can leverage its capital base and domain expertise to build category-leading companies.

9 thoughts on “Domains of expertise

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  2. Sounds like the name of a Nancy Drew novel or an English pub.You could always try to direct navigate there.


  3. How about this then? The wet dog just got wet but didn’t drown. It escaped at midnight and ran away.Now, it’s been groomed and looks pretty good, but it can never win a dog show because it’s been neutered due to an agreement with the breeder.


  4. ok what the heck is all this about wet dogs? is this journalism jargon I don’t know about?I’m following this story with great interest, and this wet dog stuff has me confused


  5. No it’s not journo jargon.It could just be someone having a laugh at my expense.In fact, a friend and I just had a long laught about it ourselves.It could also be some kind of code so just in case, I did my very best Kinsey Millhone/V.I. Warshawski imitation and replied in the same code.This story does have its comic side, after all.


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